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The best wireless gaming mouse


Embrace the cordless life with our guide to the best wireless gaming mice.

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The best wireless gaming mouse doesn't require you to make compromises. You don't have to sacrifice performance to go cable-free, and despite what you may have heard years ago, today's best wireless gaming mice aren't laggy or slow. They're not slower at responding, and their wireless signals aren't thrown off by interference from your router or other devices. These days, wireless gaming mice perform so well that you won't even notice a difference between wireless and wired. Except, of course, the freedom you'll feel swiping your mouse across your mousepad with no cable weighing you down.


This week's highs and lows in PC gaming

Every week the PC Gamer editors scour a sprawling open world to bring you the best and worst.

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Samuel Roberts: Pottermore

In one of those awkward leaks so convincing that everyone involved pretty much has to just keep quiet and hope the whole thing blows over, footage of a new, unannounced Harry Potter universe game did the rounds this week. And it looks pretty good in this form, letting you create a student and explore Hogwarts, while also battling wizards. All the relevant Harry Potter stuff appears to be in there. 

Harry Potter has a pretty atrocious history in games, outside of Lego, and I have no desire to play that terrible-looking Hogwarts mobile thing, so this at last looks like a 'core' game that people with taste can enjoy on some level. I'm actually looking forward to learning more about it next year. While it's unfortunate for the devs that it got leaked early, it's positive in the sense that it got so many people excited this week. A lot of people want to play something like this.


What mouse DPI do I really need for FPS gaming?

Gaming mice have astronomical DPI numbers these days, but how much do you really need?

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These days, the best gaming mice come packed with so many buttons and features that shopping for a new one can be overwhelming. Things like ergonomics, button placement, and even RGB lighting all need to be considered. There's also the matter of DPI, a feature that is often prominently displayed on packaging and in product listings. But you might find yourself still wondering: what DPI do I really need?


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