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TOPIC: A few sarnies short of a picnic....

A few sarnies short of a picnic.... 6 years 9 months ago #1589

Thought I'd post this for comic value.

Attached are two screen shots of someone blowing up base vehicles while the owner is offline and walling off the safes.

On it's own nothing worth mentioning but low and behold I wasn't the one who took them! :O The actual perpetrator was a man renowned for condemning such actions and whining about it (for days) in side!



You might ask by what means did I acquire such images... was it magic? hacking? blackmail or bribery? Or was it because the muppet posted them on his steam account and make them available to view publicly? XD

So who is this Bunny Assassin?
None other than our trusty cave dwelling friend Vangelis!

(Note: I'm not asking anything to come of this other than a little embarrassment! He did a poor job of walling the safes off and they were retrievable and the vehicles empty n worthless. No need for the mighty hand of admin justice lol)
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